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How to Get Celebrity Trendy Looks for Less

Celebrities are our fashion idols and we follow in their footsteps when it comes to knowing how to look chic and stylish. We look to their style in order to find inspiration on how to dress so that we can stay on the cutting edge of fashion.

However, not everyone has the same clothing budget as a celebrity. Fortunately, it is possible to get the celebrity style for a much cheaper price than our famous idols. We have a number of beautiful dresses that were inspired by the styles of stunning celebrities. Let’s take a look at some of the fashion items including jeans, dresses and jumpsuits in our collection that are inspired by the styles of the hottest celebrities:

The Gigi Dress

The Gigi Dress is inspired by celebrities such as Rocsi Diaz, who wore it to the video music awards. It is also inspired by the style of Ronda Rousey, which is a UFC star. She wore the dress to a media call in Melbourne, Australia. The Gigi Dress is a very sexy bandage dress made of a great material that clings to all of your curves.

This dress is certainly eye catching with its unique look. It has a dramatic cut out design in the front, which shows off quite a striking amount of cleavage. The zipper in the back makes an eye catching design and there is some stretch to the fabric so that the dress will move with you. If you have a large chest or you want a more conservative cleavage, consider choosing one size up so that the dress will be slightly less revealing.

Celebrities love cut out black dress

Celebrity style cut out black bandage sexy cocktail dress

The Kendall Jumpsuit

Kendall Jenner is one of the hottest celebrities of the moment and she made a big splash when she wore a sexy jumpsuit to her latest b-day party. You can get the look yourself with our stunning Kendall Jumpsuit, which has a very sexy backless design that will show off some skin in a classy and elegant way. There are mesh inserts on the upper sides and a halter style top for a very flattering fit. The bottoms are loose and flared, which creates a very attractive silhouette. The plunging neckline offers some very sexy cleavage that is sure to turn heads. When you wear this jumpsuit all eyes will be on you – so it is perfect if you are hosting a party or it is your birthday and you want to be the center of attention.

Kendall Jenner Black Backless Long Black Jumpsuit


The Lydia Jeans

Many celebrities including Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have been spotted wearing jeans such as these sexy Lydia jeans. They are tight fitting jeans that hug all of your curves and they have a cut out at the knee that is totally trendy at the moment. The jeans are stretchy and comfortable and their black colour makes them very slimming.

The low rise style looks great and shows off your sexy hips. They are perfect to pair with a cardigan, a crop top, a leather jacket or any other cool and casual look. You’ll love these jeans because of how easy it is to seamlessly integrate them into your wardrobe.

Black skinny cut out knee low rise jeans pants

Kim Kardashian in black skinny cut out knee jeans

Kylie Jenner in black skinny cut out knee jeans

Seduce Me Dress

The Seduce Me Dress is inspired by the dress that was worn by Gigi Hadid. Although her striking bodycon dress was in black, we have the red version which is even more eye catching. The Seduce Me dress has a very dramatic cut out design in the front that will show a lot of skin. This is not a dress to wear if you are going for a conservative look – but if you want to dress up sexy for a swanky event and show some skin in a stylish way this is a fantastic fashion statement.

It’s clinging bodycon style is made out of very high quality fabric, so it really shows off your curves. There is a zipper in the back which keeps this gorgeous look together. Gigi Hadid really made an impression when she wore this dress and now you can too!

Red Cut Out bodycon sexy cocktail celebrity style dress

Gigi Hadid in cut out bodycon black dress

Alexa Dress

Another one of our style icons is Kylie Jenner, who is known for her sexy and elegant sense of style. She wore the Alexa Dress, which is a black cut out off-the-shoulder cocktail dress. It has a cut out design in the front that is sexy and revealing and a zipper in the back. Take a look at the Alexa Dress – you are sure to fall in love at first sight.

This body hugging dress will cling to all of your curves and the dress has a lot of stretch to the fabric. This makes it not only incredibly sexy and flattering, but also very comfortable to wear. You will be able to dance up a storm, while looking gorgeous.

Black cut out bodycon short dress inspired by Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner in black cut out bodycon short dress

These are just a few of the stunning looks that we have which are inspired by celebrity fashions. If you are inspired by the style of these gorgeous celebrities and you want to follow in their fashion footsteps, these are some beautiful items. These celebrity fashions resemble the looks that these famous ladies wore while in the spotlight, but the good news is that they are in a much more affordable price range here at Red Splash Boutique. Take a look at our range of celebrity styles so that you can find the look that you love the most.

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