Beige Nude Lace up Crop Top and High Waisted Midi Skirt SetBeige Nude Lace up Crop Top and High Waisted Midi Skirt Set

 (Model is wearing our Lena Beige Lace up Set)

“Neutral” doesn’t need to translate to “boring”. While the adjectives conjured up by the word aren’t often flattering – “bland”, “boring”, and “conventional” being perhaps a few – in reality a neutral wardrobe can be just as interesting and eye-catching as a vibrant one … plus well-suited for a variety of skin tones, and easily able to be paired with nearly any other item you own.

While neutral tones (nudes, khakis, camels, and beige, though the term is also sometimes used to refer to gray, black, and brown) are suitable for almost any occasion, you may find yourself wishing that you could add an element of spice and personality to your outfit without the effect being overwhelming or out of place.

You may also feel daunted when considering colors to pair with your neutral items. If so, you’re in luck- we’ve compiled a list of some of the easiest, most effective ways to introduce a splash of color to a neutral outfit while maintaining your overall neutral – but noticeable- look.

1. Add a patterned belt. One of the advantages of a neutral outfit is that its subdued, one-note tone allows you to go wild with your accessories in a way that might be overkill with a more complex color. One way to make use of this is with a belt; try a leopard-print or trendy tribal pattern that matches well with the particular neutral color of your outfit. For those on the browner end of the spectrum, red, black, and white patterns will match up brilliantly, while pinker tones hold up well to yellow, white, and certain muted shades of green and blue – as well as red.

Nude Beige Neutral color wardrobe with patterned beltNude Beige Neutral color wardrobe with patterned belt


2) Wear it with a bright colored bag. Chances are, you only carry one bag or purse at a time - so make it count! Neutrals don’t steal the show when it comes to color, so you can leave that up to solid-colored bags, purses or clutches which add interest to the complete outfit. Again, consider the particular neutral shade you’re working with and choose a color that matches, in a material and size that compliments your outfit and occasion. A small but color-saturated vinyl clutch can pack a big punch when it comes to upping the interest factor of your outfit at a fancier event, while a tote or side-strap saddlebag in a rich hue is great for everyday wear. Red, goldenrod, turquoise, and certain shades of green often pair excellently with neutrals, but really it’s hard to find a color that’s a horrible match. We love how our favorite Victoria Secret Model Miranda Kerr matches her lighter shade of blue tote with her neutral wardrobe.

Miranda Kerr in Nude Neutral wardrobe clothes with bright bagMiranda Kerr in Nude Neutral wardrobe clothes with bright bag

Rosie Whiteley in Neutral Nude wardrobe clothes with bright bagCelebrities in Nude wardrobe with bright bagCelebrities in Nude wardrobe with bright bag


3). Be Bold with Statement Jewelry. You’ve practiced so much restraint in your clothing color, you deserve to go nuts with the accessories! Large, rainbow-hued jewelry is currently quite popular and thus easy to find in a variety of price points. You can go in any direction with these pieces, from intricately constructed, architectural metal necklaces to chunky, stone-laden stacking bracelets – whatever aligns with your preferences. We’re big fans of the dripping-with-lurid-gemstones look; no one needs to know it’s costume jewelry!


Heidi Klum in Nude neutral dress wardrobe with chunky blue jewelry necklace


4) Wear Your Lipstick Loud and Proud. While there are no “rules” in fashion, a good guideline to follow is to practice moderation in one area while proudly flaunting another. In this case, neutrals provide the perfect canvas for a bright lipstick that, in other circumstances, may be a tad overwhelming to an outfit. Considering your skin tone when shopping for the perfect shade, try a darker berry or a warm but bright red. A truly bold move could also be to go for the monochrome look and paint your lips a light neutral to match your clothing.




5) Hot on your Heels – Concentrate Color in One Powerful Note. Louboutins, with their infamous red under sole, have captured our imagination for a reason: that solid red draws in the eye no matter how beautiful the shoe or the rest of the outfit because it is a strikingly bright detail in an unexpected place. Replicate this idea by pairing your neutral outfit with a single color note: a bright pair of high stilettos or platform sandals. While it may seem too easy, trust us – focusing all of your accessory-power on one relatively small but hugely noticeable place will more than accomplish your dream of adding a little oomph to your neutral wardrobe.


Celebrities in Nude Neutral Beige outfits wardrobe with bright pumps heels

Nude Sheer Lace White Top Bodysuit

Model is wearing our Valentina White Bodysuit

Nude Beige Crop Top and High Waisted short Lace Skirt

Model is wearing our Claire Beige Lace Set

If you think you’re ready to put together your own neutral outfit with personalized touches of color and you like what you’ve seen, check out our website for more selections:


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