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4 Ways to Rock the Lace up Trend

Have you noticed the gorgeous lace-up styles dominating the runway recently? The lace up look is going strong and it’s a sexy and flirty style that looks good on almost anyone. It’s inspired by the revival of the 70s and comes along with the current fad for flared denim, high waists and A-line skirts. Lace up clothing might make you think of vintage hippie clothing, but the modern version of this trend is far from it. You can add a dose of retro style to your wardrobe without looking like you are in a production of the musical “Hair”

Lace up items have a certain sex appeal to them, especially thanks to the little bits of skin that show through the lace up details. If you wear it just right, you can look provocative and enticing while still being very fashionable and sophisticated. You can also wear the lace up trend in many small details, such as lace up boots, lace up gloves and other accessories. It’s the small details that really add up to make an outfit special and eye catching.

So you love the lace up trend but you don’t know how to wear it? It is important to hit the right style notes with the lace up trend, or you can end up missing the mark. When you get it wrong the lace up look can remind you of an over the top piece of lingerie or a risqué Halloween costume. It is crucial to be elegant and sophisticated with your lace up clothing. Here are four ways to totally rock the hot new lace up trend – so why not give them a try?

1.    Pair Sexy Lace Up With Something Prim and Proper

Lace up clothing can have a very sexy peek-a-boo effect, showing plenty of enticing flesh – such as the lace up cleavage on this Francisca Black Laced Up Sleeveless Bodysuit. If the bodysuit was that low cut on its own it might be scandalous, but the lace up detail obscures your cleavage just the right amount to make it fashionable rather than too revealing.

The best way to balance this item is to pair it with something elegant, sophisticated and proper – like Francisca Heather Grey Midi Skirt. The skirt comes to just above the ankles and is demure, business-like and elegant – the perfect balance for the flirty neckline of the bodysuit.


Pictured here: Francisca Black Bodysuit and Francisca Body con Grey Midi Skirt


2.    Keep Your Accessories Simple

When you are wearing a beautiful lace up style piece of clothing, such as the Leila Black Suede Lace Up Short Long Sleeve Dress, go with simple accessories. The focus should be on the stylish detail of the lace up patterns and there is no need for a necklace with this dress – it would only distract. The only accent that this dress needs is a simple bracelet or a ring and perhaps a pair of small diamond stud earrings. Let all attention be on the dress, rather than on your bling.

Pictured above: Leila Black Faux Suede Laced up Dress

3.    Go for Neutral Colours

When it comes to lace up clothing, plain colours are ideal – a lace up item with a busy and complex patterned fabric would be too much. Go with lace up clothing in basic colours such as black, white, navy and cream. Again, the focus should be on the stylish look of the lace up pattern rather than anything else.

For example, the Lola White Long Sleeve Lace Up Bodysuit Top comes in white. It looks beautiful, simple and crisp and matches with any colour of skirt, shorts or pants that you wear it with.


Pictured above: Lola White Laced up Bodysuit

4.    Make Sure It’s Form Fitting

The lace up trend just doesn’t work if it’s loose fitting or baggy. The clothing needs to fit snugly to your body so that the lace will be stretched against your skin. If the clothes are too big, the lace up detail will be limp and drooping and will not have the designed effect.

For example, check out this Lena Beige Lace Up Long Sleeve Crop Top and Midi Skirt Set. It is made from stretchy fabric and it hugs your every curve in a very enticing way. Not an inch of it is baggy or loose, it is form fitting all the way. The effect is very sexy and flattering and the lace up detail will reveal your cleavage in a peek-a-boo style that really gets noticed! If you want to pull off the lace up trend you will need to have the confidence to wear form fitting clothing, so go ahead and flaunt what you’ve got!

Of course, your lace up clothing should not be too tight! If the clothing is too tight and you are struggling to fit into it, the lace up details will squeeze your flesh and look wrong and unflattering. Make sure that you choose clothing that is ideal for your size and don’t try to squeeze into something that is too small for your body.


Pictured above: Lena Laced up Crop Top and Skirt Set

These are just four great ways to wear the lace up trend this year. With the right approach this gorgeous detail can add a lot of style, sophistication and sexiness to your clothing. There are so many gorgeous clothes with lace up detail, so why not incorporate this trend into your wardrobe?

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