Maxi dresses are a very beautiful and stylish trend and they can look feminine, elegant and truly gorgeous. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be extremely tall and thin to make this look work – maxi dresses can be flattering on all body types.

However, there are a few style guidelines that you should follow when you are wearing a maxi dress so that you can look your best. Here are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind when you are attempting this trend:

Do Choose a Solid Colour or a Small Print

Solid colours are usually the most flattering choice for a maxi dress, as they will give you a long and continuous look from top to bottom. If you do choose a maxi dress with a print, it should be a small and consistent print rather than a large print. As a general rule the size of the pattern should not be larger than your fist.

Don’t Wear a Maxi Dress that is Too Long for You

If it is too long and swishes against the floor it will make you look shorter and slightly awkward, like a little girl who is dressing up in her mother’s clothing. The right maxi dress will hang just about ankle height, but not any shorter than this because that will look awkward too. The bottom of the skirt should be grazing the tops of your toes.

Do Spend a Bit More to Get Quality

When you go for the cheapest clothing, the material and the fit will not be as nice. It is better to spend a little more for good material and quality, as cheaper material will look cheap. It’s worth investing a little more into a nice Maxi dress, as it will look better on you and you will feel better while wearing it.

Don’t Be Afraid to Add a Belt

When you are wearing a long and flowing maxi dress you might want to add a belt that will define your waist and help you to look more elegant and feminine. There are many different types of belts to choose from, so experiment with a few options so that you can find something that will fit your shape.

Do Choose a Flattering Neckline

The right neckline will really make a difference when it comes to how great you look in your maxi dress. A halter neckline style can be very flattering and if it has adjustable ties you can find the fit that works best for you. Try to look for unique necklines such as the one in our Irina Backless Maxi Dress that has a triangle shape, a beautiful crochet material and adjustable ties that go around your neck and tie in the back. This unique design goes well with the open back style making this dress one of a kind piece that you can wear to any party, wedding, New year or Christmas celebration, Prom or just to go to any fancy pool party or the beach.

Red Crochet Cut out Backless Maxi New Years Xmas Christmas Dress


Pictured above: Rose Red Backless Maxi Dress

Don’t Be Afraid to Try a Backless Design

A backless maxi dress, such as the gorgeous Bella Light Pink Backless Crochet Maxi Dress, can be a really great option. The backless design is sexy and flirty, but it is not too revealing as it is balanced out by the long and demure skirt. The overall look is summery, flirty and very attractive.



Light Pink Crochet Backless Maxi Dress

Pictured above: Bella Backless Maxi Dress

Do Wear Your Maxi Dress at the Pool or Beach over Your Swimsuit

A simple maxi dress, such as the Adriana Stripes Beach Casual Backless Dress, is perfect for wearing at the beach or by the pool. It offers a way of covering up your swimsuit that is very stylish and elegant. Also, it will be very cool and comfortable on a hot and sunny day.

White Black Stripes High Slit Backless Beach Dress


Pictured above: Adriana Stripes Beach Dress

Don’t Wear Too Many Accessories

When you are wearing a Maxi Dress you don’t want to wear too many accessories with it, or you will distract from the dress itself and create a look that is too busy and overwhelming. Instead, stick with a few simple and elegant accessories such as a long necklace or a few bangle bracelets. A pair of long dangling earrings can also look great with a maxi dress. Keep everything simple and elegant and you will look amazing in your maxi dress.

Do Get Your Maxi Dress Tailored and Hemmed if You Need To

If you have found the perfect maxi dress but it isn’t quite your size or the right length, you can always buy it anyway and just get it tailored or hemmed. A few adjustments might mean that it becomes the perfect dress for your body and fits your proportions perfectly.

Don’t Wear a Too Clingy Maxi Dress

A long dress with fabric that moves and flows around your body will look much more flattering than a dress that clings to all of your curves – no matter how slender you are. The movement will be very attractive and feminine and will complement your body. It’s important to find the right balance. Look for a dress that is form fitting around the bodice and then has just the right amount of flow in the skirt – if you choose a dress that flows everywhere and has long and loose arms and bodice as well as a loose skirt your body will get lost in the fabric and have no shape at all.

Do Pay Attention to the Hem

When wearing a maxi dress it is important to pay attention to the long hem of your skirt. If you are not careful and aware of your surroundings it could end up snagging on something, being dragged in a puddle or getting muddy. When you are walking through wet and dirty surroundings you might want to lift up your skirt slightly to keep it clean. If your skirt drags on the floor even when you are wearing shoes then it is too long and will need to be hemmed.

These are the important dos and don’ts to keep in mind when you are wearing a maxi dress, so that you can make the most of this gorgeous look. Take a glance at the stunning maxi dresses that we have to offer – you’re sure to find something unique that you will love.



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