How to Wear a Sweater Dress

A Sweater Dress is the perfect item for autumn and winter. It’s soft and cosy, yet it also chic and sexy. It’s not often that you can look stylish while being so snuggly, so take advantage of it and wear as many sweater dresses as possible when the weather gets chilly.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when it comes to rocking your sweater dress:

Wear Them With Thigh High Boots

One of the most classic sweater dress looks is a clingy dress paired with a pair of killer thigh high boots. For example, check out how gorgeous our Teddy Turtleneck Elbow Cut Out Sweater Dress looks with a pair of lace up or solid black thigh high boots? This beautiful sweater dress is made from a comfortable stretchy material with round bottom corners and a sexy cut out on the elbows.

Turtleneck cut elbows short sweater dress

Try a Dress with a Sexy Slit

For example, the Veronica Brown Knit Sweater Dress with a slit in the side is an eye-catching dress that shows a sexy bit of leg. When you wear a sweater dress like this it will make this look so much more sexy and feminine. If the weather is cold outside you can wear sheer or patterned tights to keep your legs warm!

Brown long sleeves slit maxi sweater dress

Try an Off the Shoulder Style

If you are looking for a sexy twist on the sweater dress look, why not try wearing an off the shoulder design? The Lolita White Off Shoulder Sweater Midi Dress has a flirty off the shoulder style with long sleeves and soft sweater material. Showing a bit of skin on your collarbone makes this sweater dress very sexy and flirty. You can draw attention to your bare shoulders by wearing a pair of drop earrings and then finish off the look with stiletto heels and a patent clutch.

Off shoulder white long sleeves midi sweater dress

Add a Pop of Colour

If you are wearing a neutral sweater dress in a shade such as brown, black, cream, grey or white you can add a striking pop of colour to your monochromatic outfit with a brightly toned accessory. Why not consider wearing a boldly coloured scarf or a hat in a vibrant primary colour? Or, you could add coloured tights or a pair of knee high socks in a fun and unexpected shade.

For example, the beige turtleneck Julia Body con dress is the perfect base on which you could add a colourful accessory to make a style statement. When you add that perfect pop of colour to a monochromatic outfit it will really make the look stand out from the rest!

Beige Nude turtleneck long sleeves cotton bodycon sweater dress

Try a Dress with a Trendy Cut Out Design

Have you seen the newest trend of cut out elbows and knees? It looks funky yet sexy and stylish at the same time. Look trendy this winter in our Savanah Burgundy Cut Out Sweater Dress.

There are sweater dresses out there in all shades of the rainbow, so choose the hue that suits you the most and look for a dress that will match your style. Perhaps you would look sweet in a sky blue dress, or you want to wear a deep green sweater dress to contrast your auburn hair? The colour for you is out there somewhere!

Burgundy cut elbows short trendy sweater dress

Add a Belt

If you want to draw attention to your feminine hourglass silhouette when wearing sweater dresses, try wearing them with a belt that cinches around the waist. This is a lovely way of defining your silhouette and making a sweater dress look much more feminine. You could go with a thin belt, a jewelled belt or a thicker style of belt – depending on your style.

Add Layers

Try a perfectly put together layered look with your sweater dress by adding a cosy scarf, thick patterned tights and a coat overtop. This will keep you warm in the winter months and also add a lot of style and visual interest to your outfit. You could even add more layers by putting a collared shirt underneath your sweater dress – as long as it is fitted and not too bunchy or baggy.

Combine with Bold Accessories

A chunky knit sweater dress is a bold fashion item, so balance it out with some dramatic and striking accessories. Try wearing a long statement necklace or a pair of drop earrings. Or, wear a collection of co-ordinated large bangles. You can wear the same simple sweater dress with many different accessories to create a combination of different looks – making the sweater dress somewhat like a warmer version of the classic little black dress.

Wear With Contrasting Textures

Another tip for wearing a sweater dress is to pair it with a few different types of fabric textures. For example, wear a soft and woolly sweater dress with a sleek leather jacket. Or, wear a smooth and sleek sweater dress with a fluffy coat. You could also add other textures with a scarf, a hat or a pair of gloves.

Put on a Trench Coat Overtop

Doesn’t a trench coat make any outfit look more chic? Wearing a trench coat is the perfect outer later to wear with a sweater dress because it will be long enough to cover the bottom hem of the dress. When you invest in a high quality stylish trench coat it will last you for many years and will be perfect for pairing with many of your most fashionable outfits.

Wearing Your Sweater Dress With Style

These are just a few fun ideas for wearing a sexy and cosy sweater dress this winter. Sweater dresses are a great fashion item that will keep you warm and comfortable while also looking adorable and sweet. With the right accessories and styling tips you can look chic in your sweater dress no matter how cold it gets.

Take a look at our beautiful collection of sweater dresses and order the perfect one for you – if you have any questions about our products or need help placing your order just let us know.

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